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Indoor Air Health & Safety

Long-Lasting Battle to Overcome.

We spend 90+% of our time indoor, indoor air pollution is 3~5 times worse than outdoor; 98% of indoor pollutants (airborne particle) are invisible and breathing in particle pollution presents serious health risks such as infections, respiratory disease, lung cancer, and asthma; The virus that causes Covid-19 and its variants is airborne particle and has caused worldwide 402+ million cases and 5.77+ million deaths. New COVID-19 variants that emerge or become seasonal could cause more serious illness and fatalities in the future.


Healthy Space-as-a-Service

Protect Your Future with welSPACE Smart Indoor Air Technology

As a healthy space as service (HSPaaS) platform, NBDair provides customers with solutions, products, and tools to create, operate, experience, and manage safe and healthy indoor spaces. We innovate your indoor air experience while improving your business and giving your guests and employees peace of mind.


NBDair helps you to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other epidemics, infectious diseases and chronic diseases.

We offer smart indoor air health and safety solutions to protect your employees, guests, and business,

  • effectively removes and disinfects the viruses in the indoor ambient air that you and your customers breathe.
  • makes your ventilation upgrade guided by CDC and ASHRAE measurable, visible, and actionable.
  • provides multi-layers of monitoring, control, and management capability of the indoor air health to support back-to-office (RTO) and hybrid workspace model.

Ensure the health and safety of the indoor space, make your employees and guests safe, relaxed, and happy.

NBDair's welSPACE is one of those innovations to support the "Indoor Clean Air" movement. Check out the government's "Clean Air in Building Challenge"

Let us help you implement a smart indoor air health and safety solution. This is critical for the future viability of your business operations and will also provide your employees and customers with much needed peace of mind all while allowing you to increase revenue.

Get Certified

Use our accredited data provider platform to help you achieve wellness and sustainability certifications